Aloft Hotels

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The select service hotel category isn’t renowned for its pizzazz. Did you stay at a Hilton Garden Inn or a Hampton Inn the other night? Can’t remember? You’re not alone. That’s why Starwood decided to develop Aloft and tasked us with introducing this new breed of select service hotel. We were thrilled to launch the brand from the outset, set it apart from the pack and build social buzz around it.


The short answer: EVERYTHING. The long one starts with developing a brand bible that gave Aloft a playfully unique identity unlike any of its competitors. The rest of the work flowed from there. Print ads promoting Aloft’s tech-savvy offerings. Social media campaigns built around Aloft’s passion for live music. Radio spots showcasing its happening nighttime social scene. Even naming and dressing up a robotic butler, or A.L.O the Botlr as we like to call it. Aloft is our baby, and we’re gushing with pride knowing how successful it has become.


It started with one hotel in the US in 2008. Fast-forward to today and there are over 40 locations around the globe. That kind of growth is unprecedented. The Facebook community is thriving. Emerging bands love playing there. Needless to say, tech-addicted, socially-connected, music-loving, design-conscious guests have taken to Aloft like the Internet to cat videos. We couldn’t be happier.