Bioshock: Game Launch

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To launch a new gaming franchise “Bioshock”, a multi-layered vision of a dystopian underwater world, our objective was to communicate the subtle complexity and variety of the game mechanics in an easily digestible package, grow the excitement beyond the System Shock devotees into a mass-reaching franchise.


To bring the fantasy world of Rapture into the real world we created The Cult of Rapture, to spread real-world evidence that Rapture may have actually existed. The initiative was driven by an online website/blog that established itself as the battle cry for the whole community. Fake newspaper clipping about Andrew Ryan, fake Wikipedia entries, eBay auctions for Andrew Ryan’s memorabilia, “old” radio recordings were created to make the story plausible. A CG Launch TV spot contrasting the inner violence of the game with the peaceful melody of Bobby Darin’s “Beyond the Sea” was created to drive awareness and intrigue gamers.


  • Our TV spot “Beyond the Sea” is the most viewed Bioshock-related video on YouTube with more than 2 million views.
  • The Cult of Rapture became so successful that it has been reused for Bioshock 2.


  • Client: 2K
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