Devil May Cry: Game Launch

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Don’t call it a reboot. DmC is the rebirth of Capcom’s insanely popular Devil May Cry franchise (over 10 million copies sold). It’s a whole new look and an entirely new world to explore. To help launch this highly anticipated title and show gamers, both skeptical diehards and newbies, Capcom selected RDA based on our history of successful AAA game launches.


Inspired by the rich setting of the game, a world where a dark truth lurks behind everything you see, we set out to bring Limbo City to the real world. In an industry first, we combined augmented reality and ramification to create an integrated campaign that tickled the gamer within by inviting everyone to “face their demons.”

To make it happen, we created a mobile app where users could scan real-world objects–stop signs, dollar bills, etc.–to reveal their evil secrets. With the app in tow, we sent users on weekly missions and challenges to win prizes. We even created fake news sites and broadcasts to make the world that much more believable. All in all, the amount of original content we created was staggering. And it all paid off.


  • 25,833 unique users with $0 media spend
  • Average user logged in 6.1 times
  • Full CRM data collection — meal addresses, social channels, influence rank, etc.
  • Continued engagement over 2+ months
  • 1+ million games sold during the first month
  • Client: Capcom
  • Filed under: Video Games