Empire State Building Observatory

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RDA developed a marketing campaign celebrating the most visited and well-known tourist attraction in NYC by positioning the ESB as a magical New York icon. Special attention was paid to each of the core markets & audiences (local New Yorkers, East Coast residents, American tourists and International travelers), in particular those planning ahead for trips to NYC.

RDA crafted a forward-thinking integrated communications plan that positioned the ESBO as an avant-garde innovator, by leveraging modern vehicles such as social media strategy and management, interactive advertising (social engine marketing, online banners, etc.) and married them with traditional, proven tools: print advertising (international and domestic, maps, guides, journals, trade, etc.), brochures, leaflets, out-of-home billboards, taxi TV, etc.

The overall program was designed to intercept tourists at every possible critical point of their Manhattan journey: billboards leading into Manhattan, street pole banners and local digital boards in Times Square to drive people to walk to the ESBO a few blocks away, Taxi TV advertising to increase late night traffic, etc.

Social media was critical in positioning the ESBO as understanding the value of conversations and word-of-mouth to drive awareness and purchase intent. This was achieved through the deployment of original content (photos, videos, lighting schedule, celebrity visits, etc.), daily and interactions with our community (on Facebook, blogs, Twitter, Yelp, Foursquare, etc.) and tracked via monthly reports consolidating strategic findings (volume and nature of the conversation, sentiment analysis, share of voice, etc.).

  • Client: Empire State Building
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