Harry & David

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Harry & David is a 75-year-old company that specializes in gourmet food and fruit gifts. In 2010, they entered Chapter 11 and selected RDA to help them turn around their business, which was accomplished in less than a year.


Develop a rejuvenated brand image establishing Harry & David as America’s premier gift authority and implement the vision across all channels.


Raise brand awareness, amp up CRM efforts to enlarge customer database through integrated consumer acquisition. Focus on generating cross-channel shopping, on both traditional & digital platforms.


Almost immediately, we saw clear and very satisfying signs of effectiveness on all website KPIs. Harry & David emerged from bankruptcy in September 2011, less than a year after hiring RDA.

  • Unique visitors – up 12%
  • Sales – up 10%
  • Average order value – up 3%
  • Conversion rate – up 5%
  • New visitors are – 4%
  • New registrants are – 9%
  • Financial projections – up 5-10%
  • Client: Harry & David
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