NIVEA Kiss the One You Love

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It’s safe to say that New Year’s Eve is NIVEA’s Super Bowl. Tune in to any NYE broadcast on TV and you’ll witness a sea of people wearing blue hats overtaking Times Square. Those blue hats? They’re NIVEA’s blue hats and every year they host the biggest party on the country’s biggest stage. It was our job to start that party on social media and take it to Times Square.


NIVEA is all about being touchable soft, so after some brainstorming sessions we got the idea to make the most incredible, heartfelt midnight kiss a reality—a long-distance reunion kiss. After all, what’s New Year’s without a kiss at the strike of midnight? So we created a contest on Facebook asking our fans in long-distance relationships who could not be together on New Year’s to share their story with the world. Fans then got to vote to make the impossible happen for two couples—have NIVEA bring a long-distance couple together in Times Square to share that magical midnight kiss.


  • +17,000 Facebook fans in a week
  • 983,594 total post views
  • 61,070 unique visits
  • 162 entries and 12,888 votes
  • Average of 80 votes per entry
  • 2 extremely happy couples
  • Client: NIVEA
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